5.8 Distance Tool

Available for the Full Viewer (IE) only. The Basic Viewer can only display already existing regions.

In the MPR viewer, the Distance Tool measures the distance between two points on an image (in millimeters).

1.  Click on the Distance Tool icon 7.5 line tool icon in the toolbar to activate the tool.

2.  Left-click on the starting point of your desired measurement.
Note: Click once on each endpoint.  Do not hold mouse button down.

3.  Move the cursor to the end point of your desired measurement and left-click.  A distance value will appear.

Note:  The distance units are mm.


7.5 annotation tools


Line objects can be moved by left-clicking the line and dragging it to the desired location.

Line objects can be modified by right-clicking the line.  A drop-down menu will appear with the following options:


5.8 Distance Tools_2


Line Options


Change Name

Changes the line name

Change Color

Changes the line color


De-selecting this option makes the line disappear from view


This deletes the line object