5.6 Window/Level

The Window / Level values determine the brightness and contrast of the displayed image.  To adjust:

1.Click on the Window / Level icon in the toolbar 7.4 window level tool.

2.For the Full Viewer the cursor will change to show that you are using the W/L tool. Now click and drag anywhere in the image.

Window value increases as the mouse is moved to the right of the image and decreases to the left.

Level value increases as the mouse is moved towards the top of the image and decrease towards the bottom.

3.The Window / Level values appear in the patient information overlay labeled W/L.


window level


4.Preset options for W/L can be applied.  Click on the down arrow next to the Window /Level icon and a drop-down menu will appear.

Select Bone to restore the window and level values to their default values.


window level window


Select Window/Level to manually adjust the window and level values for an image. The Full Viewer will save adjusted values as a new preset. The Basic Viewer will lose adjusted values once a study is closed.