5.10 Text and Label Tools

Available for the Full Viewer (IE) only. The Basic Viewer can only display already existing regions.

Text can be added to an image.  This simple but flexible tool can be useful for labeling anatomical features, or making notes.

1.Click on the Text Tool 7.5 text tool  icon from the toolbar.

2.Left-click and drag the cursor diagonally on an area of the image where the text box should be located.  Click again to release.  Double-click on the word Text, and you can begin typing.


7.5 text box


Text objects can be moved by left-clicking the line and dragging it to the desired location.

Text objects can be modified by right-clicking the line.  A drop-down menu will appear with the following options:


5.10 Text and Label Tools_2


Text Options



Allows editing of the text

Change Name

Changes the name of the text box

Change Color

Changes the color of the text


De-selecting this option makes the text object disappear from view


Text will be visible on all the other slices in the dataset (within the same viewing window)


Deletes the text box object


Label Tool

Similar to the Text Tool but with an arrow to indicate a specific location on the image.  Click on the Label Tool 7.5 arrow tool icon icon to enable this tool.